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Feel better, look better and have more energy—it's all in the pouch! 

With 36 of the world’s best superfoods packed into a single pouch and a patented, all-natural preservative, Moa™ is the “Mother Of All” products.

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Moa Your Daily Dose of Nutrition

—Revolutionary, Rejuvenating Mushroom Complex

—Lion's Mane Mushroom—for cognitive, mood and cardiovascular support

—Bergavit® (Bergamot)—Clinically tested nutraceutical extract

—Proprietary, natural, broad-spectrum preservative system

—Go Pouch—enjoy the portability of Moa™ with this convenient pouch!

“I felt better right away when I started taking Moa every day. I wasn’t getting enough essential vitamins and minerals from diet alone; Moa made all the difference. It is the most remarkable product—life-changing.”  —Maya Reynolds, U.S.

We all know that for better health, we need to have 8 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Most days, though, that's pretty hard to do. That's where Moa comes in and makes things easier for us. Moa is a great way to quickly and easily consume a powerful combination of nutritional super food supplement that would provide an all-in-one product with a wide array of superfood nutrients and antioxidants.

Most liquid nutrition juice products on the market today are composed mainly of water, or they're reconstituted powders, relying on a single trendy fruit. Moa realizes that no one had taken the approach of using whole foods -- purees and concentrates instead of powders. As a result Moa was created, combining the healthful benefits of superfoods in one delicious, easy and efficient liquid supplement.

MOA is formulated to support your health and your busy lifestyle, this proprietary blend with 36 superfoods is your superhero on the go.


• Nutrient-dense and low glycemic

• Meticulously sourced ingredients

• Powerful, antioxidant-rich superfoods and superfruits

• Proprietary mushroom complex  

• Patented cultivation process that enhances their immune-boosting abilities   

• Unique blend of 6 mushrooms

• Contains Bergavit® to support cardiovascular health

• BioPerine® for increased bioavailability

MOA Pouch
50 ml (1.7 fl oz)

Transform your health. Transform your life.


In a convenient, on-the-go pouch, Moa™ delivers when you need it most.


One serving of this revolutionary blend of 36 superfoods is equivalent to a shopping cart full of fruits and vegetables.


More than two million people have taken the Moa™ challenge, and thousands of orders are shipped each week.


We said NO to harmful synthetic preservatives. NATRIIX™ is the patent-pending, award-winning natural preservative system at the heart of Moa™.

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What does Moa taste like?

Unlike traditional juices, Moa is a unique liquid nutritional supplement containing nutrient-rich seeds, herbs, roots and superfruits from around the world that have been shown to support health and wellness. Don't expect light flavors like those from convenience store fruit juices. Because Moa contains unique ingredients, its flavor is also unique.

The reactions from those who have already added Moa™ as part of their daily nutritional regimen are positive, describing it as having a bold, full-body taste, rich in color and flavor with a hint of warmth and spice.

Moa's 36 Unique Ingredients:

The MOTHER OF ALL premium blends with 36 of the world's most remarkable superfoods.

MOA Maitake Gold 400

Immune System Support

MOA Goji Berry

Immune System Support

MOA Elderberry

Immune System Support

MOA Agaricus

Immune System Support

MOA Blueberry

Immune System Support

MOA Mango

Immune System Support

MOA Peach

Immune System Support

MOA Pear

Immune System Support

MOA Black Seed

Cardiovascular Health

MOA Lions Mane

Cardiovascular Health

MOA Apple

Cardiovascular Health

MOA Grape Seed

Cardiovascular Health

MOA Orange

Cardiovascular Health

MA Bergamot

Cardiovascular Health

MOA White Tea

Cardiovascular Health

MOA Acai Berry

Neutralize Free Radicals

MOA Aloe Vera

Neutralize Free Radicals

MOA Black Currant

Neutralize Free Radicals

MOA Strawberry

Neutralize Free Radicals

MOA Pomegranate

Neutralize Free Radicals

MOA Reishi Mushroom

Healthy Joints and Bones

MOA Curcuma Root

Healthy Joints and Bones

MOA Plum

Healthy Joints and Bones

MOA Shitake Mushroom

Healthy Joints and Bones

MOA Noni Fruit


MOA Mangosteen


MOA Cordyceps Mushroom


MOA Agave

Healthy Digestion

MOA VBlackberry

Healthy Digestion

MOA Prune

Healthy Digestion

MOA Green Tea

Weight Management

MOA Kelp Seaweed

Weight Management

MOA Sour Cherry

Reduce Stress, Normal Sleep

MOA BioPerine

Nutrient Absorption

MOA Cranberry

Brain & Cognitive Function

The mushrooms in our rejuvenating complex are grown and harvested through a cutting-edge process known as MycoFusion®, which amplifies the mushrooms' antioxidant value and unlocks their restorative properties.

MOA Acerola Cherry

Reduce Stress, Normal Sleep

Human Clinical Trials Confirm that one of Moa's™ Ingredient, MaitakeGold 404® Provides Safe and Effective Immune Support

Maitake Gold 400

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce that 3 years of clinical trials have confirmed MOA ingredient, MaitakeGold 404®, is indeed the gold standard for safe and effective immune support.MaitakeGold 404® is a proprietary extract of Maitake mushroom, commonly known as ‘hen of the woods’ or ‘dancing mushroom’ and used traditionally for centuries as both a culinary and medicinal mushroom. Based on its potential for widespread therapeutic use in supporting immune health, a three-year, U.S. government-funded, multi-phase, human clinical study of MaitakeGold 404’s® immune-enhancing properties was initiated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, one of the world’s foremost medical research facilities.

This study demonstrated that MaitakeGold 404® is highly bioavailable while being safe to use when taken orally on a daily basis. In addition, this proprietary mushroom extract is effective in supporting immunity while limiting inflammation that can be associated with a healthy immune response.

Moa™, a liquid superfood supplement that is part of ARIIX’s Nutrifii line, is composed of a proprietary blend of 36 nourishing fruits, berries, spices and mushrooms from around the world – including MaitakeGold 404® – that are valued for their health-promoting properties.

“We are very excited to share this news with our community,” said Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer. “We insist that the ingredients used in our products are of the highest quality. MaitakeGold 404® represents the gold standard among clinically tested immune support ingredients, and we are proud to offer its benefits to our customers as part of the Moa™ formula.”

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These Two Olympic Gymnast Enjoy Moa™

John's a Professional Bodybuilder and Loves Moa™

Informed-Sport is a global quality assurance program for sports nutrition products, suppliers to the sports nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that every batch of a supplement product and/or raw material that bears the Informed-Sport logo has been tested for banned substances by LGC's world-class sports anti-doping laboratory. 

“Using Moa myself, and sharing it with others, has been the key to my success, hands down. This product is truly the most comprehensive nutritional supplement on the market, and the results speak for themselves.” —Janette Holloway, Canada

Inform Sports

Moa's Unique Preservative System

Now introducing a proprietary, award-winning and patent-pending preservative system like nothing else in the industry.


This exclusive, patent-pending blend of essential oils, culinary herbs and cultured compounds creates a revolutionary natural preservative system. 

This proprietary blend has been rigorously tested in the Moa™ formula and has proven to be incredibly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria and food spoilage organisms.

You Too Can Enjoy The Benefits of Moa!

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